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  • Revenant UK Rules

    These rules will be constantly changing. It is your responsibility to stay up to date with these rules.


    VDM -  Vehicle Deathmatch
    FGR - Fair Gaming Rule
    NLR - New Life Rule
    APD - Altis Police Department
    MDP - Ministry Defence of Police
    NHS - National Health Service
    RP - Roleplay
    ETA - Estimated Time Allocation
    Overwatch - This is a Senior Staff Member making sure that the situation/case has been dealt with in a suitable manner and the punishment given is fair.
    OOC - Out of Character
    KOS - Kill on Sight

    Section 1 - Behavioural

    We are an adult community. However, this does not mean you have to be over the age of 18 in order to be within this community, but you are expected to behave in an adult manner. Respect your members in this community and show some respect to them. In return, you will be treated with respect.

    1.1) Bullying of any kind - will result in a ban.
    1.2) Racism and other discriminatory/offensive remarks - will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
    1.3) Excessive swearing at someone Out of Character (OOC), whether in-game or on Teamspeak/Discord - will result in a ban.
    1.4) Threatening someone OOC - will result in a ban.

    Section 2 - Cheating | Exploiting | DDOS

    We want to have a natural gameplay experience on our server(s). Our In-Game Team are focused on watching out for the following:

    2.1) Cheating/Hacking, using any kind of software be it a program or a script. For example, Cheat Engine - Will result in a ban.
    2.2) Exploiting - Using any sort of exploits or tricks to gain an unfair advantage - will result in a ban. Common sense should come into play such as, duplication of money/items, using VDM script to regain health.
    2.3) DDOS - DDOS attacks or threatening to do so on any part/member of the community will not be tolerated - will result in a ban.
    2.4) Logging/Combat logging - Doing this at any given moment in a roleplay or gunfight situation is considered as exploiting. For example, disconnecting during a gunfight or while being arrested. - Will result in a suitable punishment, dependent on severity.

    Section 3 - General Rules

    3.1) Revenant UK is an English (UK) speaking community. We require everyone to use the English (UK) language when communicating in-game, via Teamspeak/Discord or on the website.
    3.2) Advertising of any form - will result in a ban.

    Section 4 - Ingame Rules
    All punishments will be judged by the In-Game Team with a Senior Staff Member as “Overwatch”.

    4.1) Fair Gaming Rule [FGR] - This rule is to ensure all players on the server a fair and fun experience. We have removed Random Deathmatch [RDM] and replaced such with FGR. All killing from now on will be classed as ‘murder’, murder will be dealt with by the Altis Police Department [APD] this is so the Police are more involved with different roleplay scenarios. Our In-Game Team will be strictly monitoring the amount of kills on players and situations in which we deem unfair. The In-Game Team will provide you with a reasoning of why they think this is unfair before punishing anyone, all situations undergo “Overwatch” which is a senior member of staff making sure that the punishment given is suitable. If we deem an action as unfair without a sufficient roleplay reason this shall be investigated with the player themselves and our In-Game Team. People who are caught doing this will receive a suitable punishment. 
    This rule is solely based on common sense, you will not receive a punishment until a sufficient reason has been explained to the player.

    4.2) Trolling - Any immature or inappropriate actions to purposely annoy or prevent roleplay from taking place will result in punishment(s), dependent on severity.
    4.3) FailRP - Any action with intent to disrupt/prevent roleplay will result in punishment, dependent on severity. For example, jumping out of character during a roleplay situation. Initiation must occur before a gunfight unless stated otherwise.
    4.4) Impersonating a member of staff - Making or attempting to make other players believe you are a member of staff when you’re not will result in a ban.
    4.5) Powergaming - Using information or something that doesn't exist within the game/server to gain an unfair advantage within a roleplay situation will result in punishment, dependent on severity. An example of this would be, saying you have a detonator to a car bomb, when neither exists.
    4.6) Metagaming - Using information within the game that your character would not know to influence a roleplay situation. For example, saying someone’s name above their head out loud, your character would not know without asking for it.
    4.7) Out of Character (OOC) - If you are in a situation where you are needed to tell someone something OOC, you should do this by typing in the in-game chat what you need to say, whilst also specifying you are going OOC. This can be used if, for example, someone does not know how to holster their weapon. Taking advantage of this will result in punishment.
    4.8) Side Chat (Blue chat) - Side chat is exclusively only for OOC communication. Using this to gain an in-game advantage will result in punishment. For example, broadcasting yours or another player’s location to everyone.
    4.9) New Life Rule (NLR)  - If you die within a roleplay situation, you may not return to the situation, you have “a new life”. You may not use information or any knowledge, that you had before you death in that situation, to yours or another’s advantage. You may not seek revenge after you have died.
    4.10) Marked Zones - Specific marked zones have specific rules which stand out from the rest of the server:

    • Green Zone - These friendly and safe areas for people to roleplay and relax without the hassle of being robbed/killed. However, these are not safe havens. If you have initiated a situation outside of the green zone and then enter it, the green zone becomes null for those involved in the situation.
    • Blue Zone - These are safe areas for the police, you may not harm, kill or rob any police officer(s) there. There are no exceptions to this area.
    • Red Zone - These are kill on sight zones [KOS]. No rules apply here apart from Section 1 & 2.
    • Yellow Zone - Situation areas, if you are initiating the designated situation within that zone, e.g. Gas Station. All people taking part in this will have to be inside the area, or risk punishment. Police do not have to be inside these areas, with the exception of the Federal Reserve & Bank. With regard to the Bank & the Federal Reserve, this zone comes into play as soon as the door to the Fed has been cut or the first ATM has started to be robbed.

    4.11) There will be a minimum of 5 police officers to rob the Bank and 6 officers for the Federal Reserve.
    4.12) When robbing the Federal Reserve, unless the blasting charge has been placed, there is compulsory negotiation. There must be a buffer time of 20 seconds for both parties involved before shooting each other after the charge has been placed.
    4.13) If you are killed in either the Federal Reserve, the Bank, a gas station robbery or a jail break, you may not go back to the situation, nor the Gold Bars buyer.
    4.14) You may not disclose in Side Chat that you are robbing the Bank or the Federal Reserve, gas station or breaking somebody out of jail, it is a private operation.
    4.15) When robbing a gas station, breaking somebody out of jail or robbing the bank, initiation must take place before shooting. In negotiations, it doesn't work like a Federal Reserve negotiation, you can’t ask for things to stop robbing it. It is either a fight or flight situation.
    4.16) Gang initiation - If a member of a gang is initiated on and escalates to a gunfight, other members of the gang may join in if the gunfight is still active. If the gunfight has ended, a chance to surrender or other initiation must occur before starting another gunfight. This is only valid if each gang members has the gang tags in their name.
    4.17) Civilians may not initiate using the police request in messages. For example, saying "If any police come near Channel 7 News, you'll be shot" will result in punishment.
    4.18) To initiate on a helicopter, you may use the direct communication chat and await a response or you may fire warning shots as long as they don't hit the pilot or the helicopter. If you do hit the pilot and/or helicopter, this will be your fault and you may have to pay compensation if needed.
    4.19) When there is either an active Bank robbery, Fed robbery, Weapons Cache robbery or a prison break you must not rob the other one, ie, the Bank is being robbed, you cannot rob the fed and vice versa. There are a finite amount of cops and they do not have the resources to deal with both at the same time. This rule may change in the future. (once the force has increased in size and are capable of carrying out two events at once!).
    4.20) Once the blasting charge has been placed at the Federal Reserve the zone (circle) becomes a "active firing" zone with specific conditions, these are as follows. You cannot just shoot anyone passing by or stopping in the area, you need to confirm they are a threat first ie, they have a weapon out and are pointing it towards you or your colleagues, they are in an illegal vehicle and pose a threat to your safety, and they are within the zone itself. Don't shoot unarmed civs, hobos, or people just passing by or looking at the Fed with binoculars, question them and move them from the area (If you are cops or robbers). Cops MUST lock the Fed when safe to do so.
    4.21) There must be 4 or more cops online to take police officers hostage, officers below the rank of SPC cannot be taken hostage regardless of the amount of cops online.
    4.22) When robbing the weapons cache all involved have to stay within the compound (inside fenced area). Cops MUST lock all doors once the area is safe to do so.

    Section 5 - Teamspeak/Discord Rules

    The Support Team will judge all punishments with a Senior Member of Staff as “Overwatch”.

    5.1) Any messages deemed at all inappropriate by the Support Team will be deleted. For example, malicious links. The Support Team have the final say in these cases.
    5.2) All server groups will be provided by the Support Team. Do not ask for a server group which you have no claim to.
    5.3) Spamming will results in punishment. For example, channel hopping or spam poking/messaging.
    5.4) When speaking in either Discord or Teamspeak, it should only be your voice. There should be no music, voice changers etc.
    5.5) Any verbal abuse will result in punishment.
    5.6) The support channel is to be used to ask questions regarding anything in the community. Constant abuse of this may result in your support request being ignored.

    Section 6 - Website Rules

    The Support Team will judge all punishments with a Senior Member of Staff as “Overwatch”.

    6.1) Please keep all relevant content you wish to post in the relevant forums sections. Content posted in the wrong sections will be moved or deleted.
    6.2) Any out of control arguments on the forums will result in punishment. The Support Team shall be monitoring the forums and will step in if they see things going hectic. Failure to comply with the Support Team in a situation like this will result in punishment.
    6.3) Keep all forum posts and comments polite and considerate of others. Any provocative posts will result in punishment.
    6.4) Any forum posts deemed at all inappropriate by the Support Team will be deleted and consequences will occur. For example, malicious links. The Support Team have the final say in these cases.

    Section 7 - Additional Police Rules

    7.1) All Police Officers in-game must be in Teamspeak with a working microphone at all times.
    7.2) Non-lethal force must always be used, unless lethal force has been authorized by Low/High Command (A/SGT+)
    7.3) Police must always act professional and with maturity. They must also always maintain a high standard of roleplay.
    7.4) Any Police Officer caught in the act of passing Police Equipment to civilians without due reason or keeping equipment for themselves as a civilian will be punished by both High Command and Staff.
    7.5) If you are in a rebel gang, you unbeknown to that gang whilst on duty as a Police Officer.
    7.6) Police Officers may not abuse their power, such as executing civilians.
    7.7) Police Officers may not impound/crush vehicles when in a roleplay situation.

    7.8) Spam tazing is not allowed. When using a taser it must be 2 shot every 4 seconds.

    7.9) Police may use lethal force on the occupants of an illegal vehicle as soon as they see it, without the need for initiation. This does not mean the occupants of an illegal vehicle may use lethal force the same way on the cops.
    7.10) If a police officer connects whilst there is an ongoing bank robbery or Federal Reserve, you may not join if the charge has been placed or negotiations are over.

    Section 8 - Additional NHS Rules

    NHS is a neutral and are purely for the Role Play situations as well as to help the citizens of Altis. Do not abuse this faction or troll them. They cannot do anything to you as they carry no form of weaponry, they are just here to help.

    8.1) NHS may never be robbed/wounded/killed/knocked out for any inappropriate reason.
    8.2) NHS are purely neutral, they are unbeknown to gangs they belong to as a civilian and treat everyone equally when healing.
    8.3) NHS vehicles may never be stolen/lock picked for any reason.
    8.4) If NHS officials are asked by Police/armed civilians to leave the area or not to revive someone, they are to abide or risk breaking rule 4.3.

    Donation Rules

    Donations are solely to keep the server running. If something is bought from the store, it will be sorted within five working days.

    Anything you donate will not give an in-game advantage. An attempt at asking or trying to gain an in-game advantage via donating will be ignored.

    There will be no refunds as donations go straight towards keeping the server up. Do not attempt to ask for a refund for a donation.